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Monday, May 25, 2020

A New Beginning (Part Twenty-Five)

Prompt: Hunch  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  Word count: 45 words

The tornado vanished.

Raven froze as realization hit him.


Raven looked at the web and smiled. He walked past the scorched floor streaked with green. He bent down next to the pile of clothes draped over human bones. He picked the bow and stepped out.

Fenced Out (Part Twenty-Four)

Prompt: Fence  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  Word count: 200 words

The Drengr saw the arrow a second before it cracked through its forehead and squelched through its contents. The Thrall surrounding the tree collapsed as one the moment the Drengr hit the ground.

Einarr surveyed the ground under him. When it remained silent, he climbed down the tree. Picking his way over the Thrall, he headed towards the cave.


Raven and Fála stood opposite each other.

A tornado swirled around them, trapping them within its eye.

“You thought you could keep her safe from me?”

Raven didn’t speak.

Fála smirked, “I found your little cave, crow.

“Noooo!” Raven attacked.


The smell of rot and blood hit her nose as she stepped into the cave. A ball of green light came to life a foot away from her palm. The light reflected off the damp walls, giving the cave an eerie green hue. 

She followed the smell of blood into the cave. It led her to a woman, breathing her last.

“Where’s your child?”

The woman smiled, “You can’t follow where she’s gone, Witch!”

Fála shot a streak of green light towards the woman even as she pulled out the dagger sticking out from her back. Turning, she faced the man.

The Clock is Ticking (Part Twenty-Three)

Prompt: Fifty-four  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  Word count: 120 words

“She’ll be safe with her, right?”

“You’ve asked me this fifty-four times already!”

“Fifty-four?! That’s just ridiculous!”

Raven shrugged.

“Maybe three, or four...”


The horizon turned gray. Slowly, the gray carpet moved closer. A pair of glowing red eyes flashed at its forefront. Pinpricks of red flickered into life across the carpet of Thralls.


“You’re beautiful.”

Spider shivered. She looked down at her human hands, “I hate this form! You could do so much more with eight legs!”

Runa screamed.

“You don’t need to scream! Eight legs are not scary.”

Runa huffed and screamed again, “My baby... she’s coming!”

It's Time (Part Twenty-Two)

Prompt: Vaccine  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  Word count: 75 words

“Drink this.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a vaccine. For the baby. Two more weeks she needs. But Fála will be here anytime. We need to get her out before that. This vaccine will keep her safe.”

Runa looked at Einarr. He seemed to look as scared as she felt.

She looked back at Raven. Blood dripped from his forehead into his eyes. “I trust you”, she took the vial from him and gulped it down.

The Battle in the Forest (Part Twenty-One)

Prompt: Agenda  |  Genre: Fantasy |  Word count: 750 words

Over his laboured breaths, Einarr heard something whistle closer. Glancing back as he ran, he saw a burning ball arc slowly towards them. It hit a tree at the edge of the forest with a thud, the fire turning into thick smoke. The ball of smoke fell through rustling leaves, cracking branches.

Einarr grinned. But not for long. “Run!!”, he pulled Runa, shielding her with his arm over her shoulder.

Thousands of burning projectiles whistled behind them. They hit the forest floor like heavy hailstones. Einarr turned to look. The stench of burning flesh hit him, “Holy Gods! They are moving!”

“Don’t waste your arrows on them.”

Einarr held the arrow as he watched Raven spread out his arms. They turned into large, black iridescent wings. He flapped them once. Twice. Thrice.

A gust blasted out from him. It hurtled back the burning creatures, dousing out their fire.

Einarr plugged his ears to stop it from ringing. The world fell silent. Frowning, he looked up. The gust was gathering force. It slowly began to recoil. Alarmed, Einarr ran towards Runa. His feet slid over the leaves strewn on the forest floor. He used the momentum to steer, landing beside her. He braced himself over Runa right before...


Einarr raised his head to peek.

Raven stood tall, his wings spread out. Before him shimmered a wall of air. A storm of dust and leaves hammered it on the other side. Through the transparent wall, he saw small fires flicker back into life. A tornado stood in their midst. When it began to move, the fires followed.

“Go!” Raven said, staring straight at the tornado.


“I said go!!”

Einarr picked Runa up. Running, he peeked behind. The tornado faced Raven on the other side of the wall. For a moment, it swirled away to reveal a woman’s face. She glowered at Runa’s back. Einarr blinked. The face was gone.


Scuttling sounds echoed in the dank space.

Einarr felt Runa squeeze his hand, “I’m scared.”

Her whisper sounded too loud. He squeezed her clammy hand back, “Rest a while. The child....”

“Our child.”

Einarr didn’t respond. The unsaid words hung heavy in the dark.

He let himself rest against the cold wall. He felt Runa shuffle across the stone floor, to huddle close. He put his arm around her and held her close.

Somewhere far to his left, he heard the sound of dripping water.

“It’s because of the Spring of the Gods.”


“Our child. Raven told me. She’ll grow in only nine weeks....”

“It’s unnatural.”

“The world needs...”

“That doesn’t change anything. Who knows what it...?”

“She!!” her voice rang across the enclosed space.

“Runa!” he whispered urgently. “We can’t....” his voice cut off, as the scuttling noises came closer.

He felt Runa clutch his arm. He held his breath, the silence pounding in his ears.

“It’s a good thing you came here”, he heard a woman say.

“Your voice... it doesn’t echo.”

“Of course, it doesn’t. This is my lair.”


Green and yellow flames rose around them.

Raven flung to his right. A stream of green light whistled right past his ear. As he fell to the ground, he threw an orb of yellow flame.

Fála flicked her hand to throw it off. It hit a tree. The tree burst into flames.

“You’ve lost your touch....”

A blast of yellow flames hit her face.

She flew back and slammed against the burning tree.

Raven got up. So did Fála.

Engulfed in flames, Einarr could only see her eyes. They glowed red.

“I won’t let you take what’s mine!”, she raised her arms.

Raven planted his feet and faced her.


“You want us to go through that?”

They stared at the large web.

“Not you. Just her”, Spider pointed to Runa’s belly.

Runa stepped behind Einarr, “You won’t have my baby!”

“If you want her to live, you have to give her away.”

Einarr put his arm behind to shield Runa, “How can we trust you?”

“How can I trust you?” Spider spat. “You... who have always taken. Your greed fading us out... one species at a time! Even now....” she stumbled, pale blue liquid oozing out from her.

“We didn’t ...”

“Your kind did! What did we do to your kind?!” Spider crawled closer.

Einarr nocked an arrow.

“Is that a threat, human?”

Einarr stepped back, “I’ve to protect my family.”

“Then to protect mine, maybe I should just spin you both...”

“Spider!” Raven stumbled into the cave.

Facing the Foe (Part Twenty)

Prompt: Secret  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  Word count: 120 words

“Aaaah Raven. So we meet again. After all these years.” Fála looked around her, “But your taste in decor hasn’t changed at all. All this... white”, she made a face.

“What do you want?”

“Oooohh, so  serious! I like that! I got a surprise for you”, Fála threw down a bag. A head rolled out of it.

“Spider!!” Raven bent down to pick it.

“Her ruse was pretty sneaky. But I’m sneakier”, Fála smirked. She sashayed to him to stand so close, he could feel the heat of her breath on his face, “There’s still time. Come with me. Rule the world alongside me”.

“The world is not yours, Witch.”


Raven’s eyes cleared, “Move! Get deeper into the forest! Now!”

Run (Part Nineteen)

Prompt: Canopy  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  Word count: 200 words

“She’s tired! We should find someplace to rest!” the man said holding the hunched-over woman as she reached.

“Fála is on our trail,” Raven said softly to the woman.

Her eyes widened. Straightening up, she held the man’s hand, “I’m fine. We should move.”


Fála walked along the edge of the circle of light. Bending down, she picked up some dirt and smelled it. Her eyes shot up to a tall dead tree, some fifty feet away. “Raven”, she smiled to herself.


”Runa! Look!”

Runa looked up from the ground to see Einarr pointing forward. Turning, she saw it too.

A line of trees.

A tear rolled down her face. She put her hand on her belly, “That’s home, dear.”


Fála stood on the hillock. The Magnolia tree stood tall and proud in the meadow before her.

Her lips bulled back when she saw the army of creatures behind her, cowering in fear. She nodded to one of the humans, “Burn that tree to the ground!”

The human stepped down into the meadow toward the century-old tree.


Einarr smiled as his breath rose into the shallow canopy of trees, “Are we safe now?”

“No”, Raven looked behind, his eyes glassy.